Two things to note: Watch the area where the struts go down to the spars. That tends to hold water against the wood spars. I rebuilt 38K BECAUSE the spars were all rotten at the strut fittings. The second detail is in installing the jackscrew if you are using a Piper type elevator for pitch trim. I managed to get ours upside down.

The initial test flight was exciting. Fortunately I had been doing maintenance test flights on civilian and mil stuff and was used to having to 'fly the airplane'... no matter what is took..... The early Piper drawings showed the jackscrew upside down and for lack of a better drawing that's the way I put it in. Be careful too to have a correct elevator stop.

That got interesting as well when the elevator ( with no stop) stalled about 75 ft up on final.... It was the third or fourth landing and my first attempt to make a full stall landing. It's exciting to follow the first rule of a failure while test flying. In short ..."undo the last thing you did".

When I pulled too far back on the stick (and it was feeling a bit far) I had to push forward stick (just 'enough" at 75 ft off rwy 9C at Opa Locka) to get the nose to come back up.... (when it stalls it starts to pitch down. To get it up you first have to get the tail flying....)