Polyvinyl VS Epoxy Resin

Nothing much different that the last time around... spray the plug with PVA, wax it 3 times and start laying the glass. The big difference was the resin I used.

In the past, I have used West Systems epoxy but when I ran out and could not find it locally I bought 3 quarts of polyvinyl resin. I could have used polyester, but I am getting ready to build wingtips that double as tip tanks and the polyvinyl will withstand fuel so I decided to give it a try.

I found it much easier to work with since it is stickier than the epoxy. When laying the glass in multiple layers at a time it held to the concave shapes much better. When using epoxy, it is a constant fight when trying to brush or squeegee resin into other parts of the layup. The polyvinyl kept it put even when spreading resin away from the curves (like the one aft of the spinner where the round shape joins the cheek). Its working time was just as long but it sets up much faster which can be varied by how much MEKP you put into the resin.

The only down side is that it eats pink (or blue) foam (polystyrene). Anything that is made from it must be coated with epoxy before using polyvinyl over it. Oh ya, its eats the plastic cups I usually use with epoxy.